The Difference Between Gain vs Volume in Music Production

When mixing music, the difference between gain and volume can be confusing.

Simply put, gain controls the level of signal going into a plugin or other device. Volume controls the level coming out of the plugin or even speakers and amplifiers.

This blog post will help you improve your mixdown by understanding how gain and volume differ.

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Gain Staging: Finding The Sweet Spot In Your DAW

Do your mixes sound muddy and distorted?

This is likely the case if you are not gain staging.

Gain staging is the practice of ensuring you have enough headroom at each amplification stage in your mix.

Improve your mixes with a better understanding of Gain Staging

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Where And How To Use Gain Staging In Ableton Live

Ever wonder how gain staging works in Ableton Live?

Our handy guide shows you where you need to make sure you’re hitting the sweet spot.

Use the free VU meter plugin to set sweet spots between plugins.

The dBFS meter at the end of the chain sets the pre-fader volume to the sweet spot for an optimal mix with tons of headroom.

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