Free Tape Drum Sample Packs!

You want them, we’ve got them! Who doesn’t love FREE DRUM SAMPLES! 

All of our drum samples have been either pulled from cassette tapes or recorded onto cassette tapes and re-sampled into our DAW for final polishing. The saturation from the tape adds warmth and character to the samples, providing you with great sounding drum one-shots right from the start. 

Drum Machine Rivals Pack

Tape saturated drum samples recorded from many different drum machines from the past. Recorded from the drum machine onto tape.

Free Lofi Hip Hop Drum Kit

An analog goodie bag of treats we found in our tape collection. Kicks, snares, vocals, and percussion one-shot samples recorded from real analog tape!

808 Drums on Tape Demo Pack

The 808 basics. 27 808 inspired drum samples including claps, snare, kicks, hats, and percussion, all recorded and sampled from cassette tape! 

Cassette Tape Snares

You want snares and we’ve got em! These snares were sampled direct from cassette tapes, trimmed, polished, and ready to drop into your DAW!

Get Your Kicks For Free

Get your money for nothing and your kicks for FREE! 15 solid kick samples recorded to tape and reprocessed for a taste of analog saturation.