Introducing Automix: The AI Revolution in Music Mixing

Ever imagined a world where songs could be mixed without an ounce of technical know-how, sparing the hours poured into mastering the ins and outs of sound engineering? Well, that vision isn’t in the distant future anymore, it’s here, thanks to a groundbreaking innovation named Automix.

Automix AI mixing software

What Exactly is Automix?

At its core, Automix is an automatic music mixer fueled by artificial intelligence. Developed by RoEx, this web-based platform promises to relieve musicians from the intricacies of the mixing process. Prior to this, RoEx launched an AI tool that evaluated music mixes, pinpointing areas of improvement. Taking things a notch higher, Automix doesn’t just identify issues, it actively involves itself in the mixing process.

How Does Automix Work?

Once you’re on the platform, all that’s needed is for you to upload your multitracks. From there, you’re granted the flexibility to set certain preferences for each track, such as the instrument type, the amount of reverb, and where you’d like it to sit in the stereo field. What comes next is the magical part – the AI gets to work.

Furthermore, you get to personalize the mix by selecting its overall style and assigning a level of prominence to each track. This prominence feature—categorized as low, medium, or high—determines how dominant a particular track will be in the final mix.

The Vision Behind Automix

The intent behind this transformative tool isn’t just to simplify music production, but to reshape it entirely. As David Ronan, the CEO of RoEx, remarked, they’re looking to bring about the same change in music production that Instagram did for photography. By stripping away the often daunting intricacies like understanding compressors and EQ settings, Automix makes top-notch production quality achievable for everyone, irrespective of their expertise.

RoEx’s ambitions don’t just end here. Their long-term vision involves integrating Automix seamlessly with diverse Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), be it traditional desktop systems or the newer cloud-based solutions. In essence, they’re on a mission to make professional music creation universally accessible and instinctive.

Things to Keep in Mind

As revolutionary as Automix is, it’s important to know its limits. Currently, the platform can process only up to eight tracks simultaneously. But here’s a feature that’s sure to pique interest: not only does Automix mix your tracks, it also masters them, prepping them for release. It’s interesting to note that among the directors of RoEx is Josh Reiss, one of the brains behind the online mastering platform, LANDR.

Give Automix a Go!

For those itching to try out this marvel, Automix offers a free trial on the RoEx website. You’ll have to create an account to access it. Once your tracks are mixed to perfection, they’re available for download, with a unique “pay-what-you-want” model.

In conclusion, Automix seems poised to redefine the music production landscape. Its promise of uncomplicated, high-quality music mixing, coupled with its forward-thinking vision, suggests a bright future not just for the tool, but for all the artists and creators set to benefit from it.

Author: Mike P

Hi! My name is Mike! I’ve been an apartment producer/musician for 10+ years. I’ve played in punk bands, released EDM tunes on Beatport and iTunes, and have a semi-successful stock music portfolio. Read more…