Sampling In Ableton: Learn How To Sample As The Pros Do

Back in the 80s when people thought of sampling they imagined the Fairlight CMI. Back in the 90s people when people thought of sampling they imagined the Akai MPC. Today when people think of sampling they imagine Ableton Live and it’s no surprise when this daw has two sampler instruments! In this article, we are going to dive deep into the sampling powerhouse that is Ableton Live.

What Is Sampling?

Sampling is a modern art form in which the artist uses a sampler as their instrument to write music. Samplers are modern instruments much like synthesizers. Most of the time they look alike, but the big difference between these two instruments is that samplers don’t generate sound by themselves. Samplers need a source of sound and require you to provide them with an audio recording. That recording can be anything, a guitar, full song, foley… you can feed any type of recording into the sampler and play it back as if it was some kind of synth patch or drum kit.

Today every daw has its own sampler. Even your phone has sampler apps! So to be part of this art form is as simple as downloading a daw or an app or you can go old-school and buy a hardware sampler.