How To Enhance Your Music With Free Impulse Response Packs

It’s no secret that music production has never been more accessible than it is now. All you need to get started are the right tools, a few good tutorials, and some creativity. But what if I told you that there was an even easier way? What if I said that there were “Impulse Response Packages” available for free on the internet? And not just any IRs- these packs come with all sorts of different acoustic environments including concert halls, churches, outdoor spaces…

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The Difference Between Gain vs Volume in Music Production

When mixing music, the difference between gain and volume can be confusing.

Simply put, gain controls the level of signal going into a plugin or other device. Volume controls the level coming out of the plugin or even speakers and amplifiers.

This blog post will help you improve your mixdown by understanding how gain and volume differ.

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Gain Staging: Finding The Sweet Spot In Your DAW

Do your mixes sound muddy and distorted?

This is likely the case if you are not gain staging.

Gain staging is the practice of ensuring you have enough headroom at each amplification stage in your mix.

Improve your mixes with a better understanding of Gain Staging

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4 Free VU Meter Plugin Audio Devices For Mac 2022

If you’re looking for a free VU meter plugin, we’ve got you covered.

These plugins are magic for gain staging. With a good VU meter, you are guaranteed to set perfect levels in between your plugins.

This works especially well for analog-modelled plugins looking for the sweet spot level at -18dBFS.

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